Edmund C. Wingerd Jr. Award

The Edmund C. Wingerd Jr. Award was created in 2002 to honor the integrity, professionalism, discretion, commitment to client and commitment to community that distinguished the law practice of the late Edmund C. “Ted” Wingerd Jr.

An Edmund C. Wingerd Jr. Award recipient is selected every two years by the Franklin County Bar Association, of which Ted Wingerd was a member for nearly 55 years. The winner is selected in September for formal recognition in December.

It is the goal of the Edmund C. Wingerd Jr. Award to recognize those attorneys in the Franklin County Bar Association who carry on the honorable tradition of private client solicitor — someone who thoroughly understands and honors the needs of his or her clients and consistently demonstrates professional and personal deportment in addressing and serving those needs.

Along with those characteristics, Edmund C. Wingerd Jr. Awardees must exhibit a commitment to their community, a commitment to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the practice of law, and a recognition of and commitment to serving the needs of the underprivileged.


2002 Award Recipient 
Thomas B. Steiger 


2004 Award Recipient 
LeRoy S. Maxwell, Sr.

Thomas B. Steiger, Jr., LeRoy S. Maxwell, Sr., and William S. Dick


2006 Award Recipient 
John McD. Sharpe, Jr.

Jack Sharpe, John McD Sharpe, Jr., and Eileen Finucane


2008 Award Recipient 
Denis M. DiLoreto



2010 Award Recipient 
Thomas J. Finucane



2012 Award Recipient 
Jay L. Benedict, Jr.

Jay L. Benedict, Jr.



2014 Award Recipient 
Phil Cosentino

Clinton Barkdoll and Phil Cosentino



2016 Award Recipient 
Edward I. Steckel

Edward Steckel



2018 Award Recipient 
Forest N. Myers

Forest Myers



2020 Award Recipient 
Martha B. Walker

Andrew J. Benchoff, Martha B. Walker, and David F. Spang



2022 Award Recipient 
Thomas B. Steiger, Jr.

Tom Steiger & Tony Cosentino