39th Judicial District


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The 39th Judicial District serves Franklin and Fulton Counties.

The Courts of Common Pleas are the trial courts of Pennsylvania. Major civil and criminal cases are heard in these courts. Judges also decide cases involving adoption, divorce, child custody, abuse, juvenile delinquency, estates, guardianships, charitable organizations and many other matters.

The Common Pleas courts are organized into 60 judicial districts, most of which encompass a single county. Seven judicial districts, in lightly populated areas of the Commonwealth, include two counties. Judges of the Common Pleas courts are elected to 10-year terms. A president judge and a court administrator serve in each judicial district.

The Honorable Shawn D. Meyers, President Judge
The Honorable Angela R. Krom, Judge
The Honorable Jeremiah D. Zook, Judge
The Honorable Todd M. Sponseller, Judge
The Honorable Mary Beth Shank, Judge
The Honorable Carol Van Horn, Senior Judge
The Honorable Douglas W. Herman, Senior Judge




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