Franklin County Legal Journal

The Franklin County Legal Journal is the official legal publication of the county as designated by the Court of Common Pleas of the 39th Judicial District of Pennsylvania. The weekly publication by the Franklin County Bar Association carries court opinions from the 39th Judicial District and certain public notices required by local and/or state statute, as well as news for the county’s legal community.

The annual subscription rate is $35. Publication fees for public notices are:

Estates – $80

Incorporation filings – $65

Fictitious name filings – $65

Change of name petitions – $45

Prepayment is required for the above public notices. Other notices are billed on a per-line basis.

The legal journal is published every Friday. The deadline for all submissions is noon Monday of the week of publication.

For more information, call the bar association office at 717-267-2032 or contact us by email.


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