Standard of Conduct Policy & Complaint Information






Standard of Conduct of Members
A member is expected to display professional dignity and decorum when interacting with other members, Association employees and interns, and courthouse staff. This expectation extends to behavior toward staff and non-members at the Bar Association offices and Bar Association-sponsored events. Members shall avoid inappropriate conduct that potentially may expose the Association to liability or may harm the reputation of the Association.

Inappropriate conduct includes:
(1) Theft, defacement, or misuse of Association property;
(2) Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature directed toward another member or employee, which is offensive to the recipient;
(3) Verbal or physical conduct that shows hostility to the recipient, which to a reasonable person, is intimidating or offensive; or
(4) Commission of a crime.





Complaint Information

The Franklin County Bar Association has established the Standard of Conduct Committee to investigate complaints concerning member conduct. 

Complaints of inappropriate conduct shall be in writing, using the Personal Conduct Incident Report form available from the Executive Director of the Association. Complaints shall be delivered to the Executive Director within sixty (60) business days of the incident. Please CLICK HERE for the form. Any questions, please call 717-267-2032.