Franklin County Bar Association Admits Six New Members

Pictured left to right: Anthony V. Fernando, Michael McKeon, Karen S. Kunick, Mariah N. Mandy, Jerry W. Brown, and Veronica I. Brestensky

The Franklin County Bar Association admitted 6 new members at its Admission Ceremony held on Friday, December 1, 2023.

The new members admitted were Anthony V. Fernando, law clerk of the 39th Judicial District; Veronica I. Brestensky, and Jerry W. Brown, of the Franklin County District Attorney’s Office; Mariah N. Mandy, law clerk of the 39th Judicial District; Karen S. Kunick, of the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office; and Michael McKeon, of Franklin County Legal Services.

The ceremony, held in historic Courtroom One of the Franklin County Courthouse, included words of advice to the new admittees from the Honorable Shawn D. Meyers, Pennsylvania Bar Association Vice President Kristen B. Hamilton, Franklin County Bar Association President Anthony J. Cosentino, and Young Lawyers Division Chair Jason E. Piatt. President Judge Meyers spoke to the new attorneys about becoming involved in the Franklin County Bar Association and the community.

Anthony J. Cosentino, Franklin County Bar Association’s President said, “The Franklin County Bar Association’s Annual Admissions Ceremony is an enduring and honored tradition of our membership. Each December, the Association’s members look forward to gathering together in Historic Courtroom 1 to celebrate and welcome all of our new colleagues and their families. It is a ceremony unlike any other in the Commonwealth, and we are thrilled to have this year’s talented admittees join our Association.”

Kristen B. Hamilton, Pennsylvania Bar Association Vice President said, “Although FCBA is not a large bar association compared to others in Pennsylvania we are an active bar and the positive impact that our members have on our community is immeasurable. It is always an absolute joy seeing new members join, allowing the good work of our association to continue for many years to come.”

Jason E. Piatt, Chair of the Young Lawyers Division said, “The Admissions Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for attorneys who are new to practice in Franklin County to meet the Judges and attorneys of the bar. The initial connections made at the ceremony can last an entire career and the bond that is formed is unique to our judicial district.”

The Honorable Todd M. Sponseller, the Honorable Angela R. Krom, the Honorable Shawn D. Meyers, the Honorable Jeremiah D. Zook, and the Honorable Mary Beth Shank. President Judge Shawn D. Meyers presiding.


The Honorable Jeremiah D. Zook moving for the admission of Anthony V. Fernando.


District Attorney Laura J. Kerstetter moving for the admission of Jerry W. Brown and Veronica I. Brestensky.


The Honorable Todd M. Sponseller moving for the admission of Mariah N. Mandy.


Chief Public Defender Casey S. Bogner moving for the admission of Karen S. Kunick.


Brittany R. Henderson moving for the admission of Michael McKeon.


President Judge Meyers administers the attorney’s oath to candidates.


FCBA president Tony Cosentino give remarks to new admittees.


PBA vice president Kristen B. Hamilton gives remarks.


YLD chair Jason E. Piatt give remarks.