YLD Host Franklin County 8th Graders for Law Day

The FCBA YLD hosted Law Day on Friday, May 3rd at the Franklin County Courthouse. Our Law Day event was attended by 140 8th grade students from Chambersburg Area Middle Schools (North and South), James Buchanan Middle School, Greencastle-Antrim Middle School, Waynesboro Middle School, and the Mason-Dixon Association of Homeschoolers.

Law Day included a presentation by Brandon Copeland, Esq. on the theme “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society”. All Franklin County 8th graders were encouraged to participate in our poster contest, illustrating the Law Day theme. All participants received a certificate and prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Katreena Jones (JBMS) was awarded 1st place, Haley Harbold (JBMS) was awarded 2nd place, and Megan Carbaugh (JBMS) was awarded 3rd place. 

Nicole Sipe, Esq. organized the Law Day activities and volunteers for the mock trial. The Honorable Shaw D. Meyers also spoke to the children about the history of trials in Franklin County and the Law Day theme.

The FCBA YLD held a mock trial for Law Day. Students from each school served as jurors. The YLD acted as the attorneys and witnesses. The Honorable Shawn D. Meyers presided over the trial.