Continuing Legal Education

Franklin County Bar Association offers distance learning CLEs. Please CLICK HERE to view all CLEs offered by FCBA. PA attorneys may complete 6 distance learning CLEs per compliance year. Visit to learn more.



Child Interviewing Practices and Techniques in Family

This expert panel discussion will walk through common child interviewing situations in family law matters, with a focus toward in camera interviewing and guardian ad litem investigations. The panel will discuss some “best practices” of child interviewing in the legal field so that lawyers, judges, and guardians ad litem can improve their skills in working with children. The panel will discuss how to prepare clients and their children for an interview, good techniques when conducting the interview to gain useful information, and how to minimize the emotional impact the interview will have on the child both before and after the interview. CLICK HERE for Child Interviewing


Petitions for Small Estates

This course provides an overview of new rules for Petitions for Small Estates in Pennsylvania. The course includes a discussion of the changes from prior law, practice pointers, and the impact on future representation of small estates. CLICK HERE for Small Estates



The training includes an overview of cybersecurity for law firms. Learn the truth about what a VPN is and when it can actually be helpful. Discover how to recover from, and more importantly, prevent a ransomware attack. Keep your data security without having to keep a secret list of all of your passwords that you hope no one finds.

Also, we will discuss: ♦ End-of-life products that you definitely shouldn’t be using. ♦ Email security/encryption. ♦ Two-factor authentication (2FA)  CLICK HERE for Cybersecurity


Tax Returns – What are all those forms for and what can be learned from them?

Tax returns can provide a wealth of information needed for determining disposal income available for support and helping to determine the value of a business for equitable distribution purposes. There are many forms that may be relevant (Forms 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S; Schedules C, E, F; and more). Members of the Crumling & Hoffmaster Team will provide some insights into what you can learn from a tax return and how to best prepare for presenting relevant information to the opposing attorney, Conference Officer, Divorce Master and Judge. With recent and continual changes in the look of many tax forms, even the experienced practitioner will benefit. As an added benefit, a portion of the presentation will discuss how a PPP Loan, EIDL Grant, or other stimulus program may impact a Company’s financials and what is (or is not) reflected on the tax return. CLICK HERE for Tax Returns


How to Pay Less to the IRS: As a Small to MidSize Law Practice, What You are Missing

Tax planning is a deep dive into your business which implements advanced tax strategies to reduce your tax liability. CLICK HERE for How to Pay Less to the IRS


Student Loan Basics: Payment Plans, Forgiveness, Discharge, and more

Over 40 million student loan borrowers nationwide that currently owe over $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. At the same time, more employers are expecting undergraduate and graduate degrees and college is more expensive than it has ever been. CLICK HERE for Student Loan Basics



Introduction to Immigration Continuing Legal Education Series   

Have you considered adding immigration law to your practice or simply interested in learning more about this hot topic?  The Introduction to Immigration CLE Series will provide you with a basic understanding of immigration law and is intended for practitioners who have no or very little immigration law experience.  Immigration law is a complex topic.  This CLE series will provide the basic groundwork to assist someone in starting to learn the various components of the system.  The following are a list of sessions with brief descriptions:

Introduction to Immigration: What do all these acronyms mean? CLICK HERE for Immigration 101    Session 1 will focus on laying the groundwork necessary to understand the various aspects of immigration with a specific focus on providing background on all of the terms and acronyms used within immigration. 

Introduction to Family Immigration: My family member is a U.S. citizen, what do I do? CLICK HERE for Intro to Family Immigration Session 2 will focus on family-based immigration. The session will cover who can petition for their family members as well as providing an overview of the family-based immigration process including adjustment of status and consular processing. Practitioners will receive nuts and bolts tips on preparing and submitting applications as well as information on developing issues in the field of family immigration. 

Introduction to Naturalization Click Here for Intro to Naturalization Session 3 in the Introduction to Immigration CLE series will focus on the naturalization process. Practitioners will learn the nuts and bolts of representing someone in their naturalization application. Participants will also be advised of issues to look for when screening a potential client. Finally, attendees will have a chance to see if they can pass the naturalization test!

Introduction to Employment Immigration I: Nonimmigrant Visas Click Here for Employment Immigration I Session 4 will look at temporary visas like student visas where the person is coming for a specific purpose with plans to return to their home country.

Introduction to Employment Immigration II: Immigrant Visas Click Here for Employment Immigration II Session 5 will discuss the process an employer must do in order to petition for a green card for an employee.

Introduction to Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: Custody and Unaccompanied Minors Click Here for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Session 6 will provide information for situations when custody and immigration meet for children who entered or attempted to enter the U.S. without a parent or guardian.

Introduction to Crimmigration: Will that criminal conviction make my client removable? Click Here for Crimmigration Session 7 will focus on the cross section between criminal law and immigration and with a specific focus on evaluating the immigration impact of a criminal conviction.

Introduction to Humanitarian Immigration: Asylum, VAWA, and Visas for Victims of Crimes Click Here for Humanitarian Immigration Session 8 will discuss the various types of visas and immigration process for those seeking protection whether that protection be from persecution, domestic violence, or because the person was a victim of a crime. 


Spanish for Lawyers Series (Intermediate Level) $10 per substantive CLE

The Franklin County Bar Association is presenting this special series at a discounted rate to assist attorneys in developing their Spanish language skills.  These courses are taught in Spanish without subtitles, with each course focusing on a different area of legal practice.  These courses are now available for only $10 each for CLE credit, and all are also offered as a non-credit course.

Credit Courses: Noncredit Courses:
Intro to Spanish for Lawyers Intro to Spanish for Lawyers
Criminal Law Criminal Law
Family Law Family Law
Immigration & Personal Injury Immigration 
  Personal Injury



Franklin County Bar Association offers many lunch & learn CLEs and PA Bar Institute CLEs. Please visit OUR EVENTS CALENDAR to see the current schedule.


Distance Courses are also available from Butler County Bar Association, Fayette County Bar Association, and Westmoreland Bar Association. 


Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers has free Ethics CLEs you can take online. Click here for more information.